Stunning Reports

Realtime, Detailed and Easy to Understand

Sales People Love Email Reports

Your sales team will love seeing who opened and what they clicked on. Perfect fodder for follow up sales calls. But it doesn’t stop there.

World View

See - in real time - people opening your emails whereever they are in the world at that time.

Email Client Usage

At a glance we’ll tell you many of your subscribers are reading their email at their desks or on mobile.

Email Overlay

Check the hot-spots. See where people clicked in your campaign. You’ll be surprised how many people launch themsleves into your website from navigation links and calls to action.

Most Popular Links

It’s important to know what people are interested in. This report will show you the most popular content in your campaign that you can use for future campaigns, blog posts etc.

Bounce Reports will automatically remove your bounced emails. But this report is great for spotting people who’ve changed companies.

Who Unsubscribed

One of the most important reports. Who has decided they don’t want to hear from you anymore... and how imporatant are they to your business?

We're Here to Help

We’ll work through your reports with you helping you spot opportunites for follow-up and interesting content for future marketing campaigns. It’s all part of the service.

Just a Few Other Amazing Features

Data Segmentation

Use our super simple tools to divide your subscribers up into groups, this will enable you to marketing your message more effective to relevant individuals. We’re always on hand to guide you through the process too!

Integration with Google Analytics

It’s one of the most powerful free analytics tools out there and we integrate it easily and quickly. Follow your customer journey from inbox to website!

Track Conversions & Levels of ROI

Monitor Open Rates and links visited by subscribers with our indepth reports

Real-time Reports

When you send your campaign, we’ll show you a real-time map of who opens you campaign and where they are based.

Facebook Subscribe Option

Our Facebook App makes it easy to grow your database. Your Fans can join your mailing list directly from Facebook

Social Sharing

We make it easy for your subscribers to share campaigns via social media – getting your message out there.

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