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We design beautiful email marketing templates that fit your brand, your marketing goals and your content.

With (literally) thousands of email designs behind us we have unmatched experience in creating stunning sales and newsletter templates that get your message across, render properly for all email programs and drive activity through effective calls-to-action.

We always follow best practice – using a good balance of readable text with pictures to ensure we get past junk filters and your readers get the point – with or without downloading images.

Where are the Free Newsletter Templates?

Every service will offer you a choice of free email templates where you can stick in your logo, details and then populate with your content. But that’s not how we roll.

Businesses have different requirements for using email marketing. Some call for a single sales message and a clear call to action. Another would be something more formal from the MD to a few select customers. Others will require newsletter templates to include multiple articles so as to engage more readers with more choice. Free email marketing templates don’t tend to give you that flexibility.

Our fully customised email templates combined with the Send.ie email editor will allow you insert different types of content areas into your campaign for the greatest flexibility. You gotta watch the demo.

Even with one of our ready-made templates we’ll ensure that your logo fits (no shoehorns here), that your contact details are front and centre and that links are included to drive traffic to your website.

The Ethos of designing Email Templates

1. People wont see the images.

2. People wont read your text.

Lowest common denominator stuff… but if we can reach those people then the rest are easy.

For this reason when approaching every campaign it’s vital to be brief, use headings to get your point across, and don’t depend on images to communicate your message.

We design newsletter templates that provide you with the right content layouts for your purpose, plenty of click through opportunities, that use images to support your message and that will appear correctly for every subscriber… whatever they read their email on.

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