Segmenting Your Email Marketing Lists to Cross Sell

Created 01/06/2013 at 10:56

Posted by Aoife Ross

Email Marketing has never been a “one size fits all” solution. It’s not about sending “Blasts” and hoping that someone, somewhere makes a purchase.  An email campaign (executed correctly), is relevant in it’s content, exact in it’s targeting and builds strong customer ties while nurturing prospects. This in turn creates interest and converts leads to customers and brings repeat business.

Segmentation Increases Sales

Segmentation is a large part of a successful campaign.  Simply put, “Segmentation” is the division of your lead / customer database into sections. It can be divided based on a myriad of variables which are based on your email marketing strategy and customer “personas”.

Campaigns must be targeted to individual segments to ensure effective engagement rates.  Data segmentation is as important as good content for a campaign, ensuring engagement and it’s a great way to build on “personal” relationships.  Customers feel valued and respond better to personalised email campaigns.  Our most successful clients send relevant information to their customers and use segmentation to guarantee high “Open” and “Click Through Rates”.

How to Segment your Lists

If you plan to send different campaigns to your customers as opposed to your prospects list, that’s a “Customer Segment” right there!  If you work in the Leisure industry you might consider dividing the database up by customer type e.g. Families, Couples, Wedding Enquiries, Business Events, Spa Visitors. Once this is completed you can target these groups with specific messages relating to their interest.

We worked with a client of ours on data segmentation as a structured part of their email marketing strategy. After just two campaigns, their Click Through Rates improved by 70%. There’s been massive jump in interest and over time sales increased. The offering has not changed, it’s just finely tuned and more relevant than ever.

Segmenting Email Marketing Lists to Cross Sell

Segmentation is personal without being intrusive. For example, an email campaign targeting a beautician’s customers who purchased an “Eye Lash Tint” treatment is a simple, yet effective idea. After six weeks, the Beautician targets these customers with a reminder that their eye lash tint needs to be refreshed and repeat customers receive 20% off an eye brow shape. Managing the customer life cycle and cross selling in one swoop!

Segmentation can lead to an effective auto responder campaign, which is a great way to win business, maintain relationships and nurture a customer life cycle.  Automated emails are low maintenance and very effective when trying to create a relationship with a client.

There are many different ways of segmenting your data which will increase customer happiness and in turn, positively effect sales. We’d be happy to talk you through the best methods of segmentation, just call us (01 6139878), or send us an email

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