Our DIY Pricing

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Pay as You Go

Our Pay-as-you-Go service is the most convenient for ad-hoc senders. Simply use your credit card as you send the campaign and you're done. We keep your account active - collecting subscribers and managing unsubscribes so it's fully available for when you're ready to set-up your next campaign.

Let's say you're sending to
800 email addresses.
800 x 2c €16
+ Sending Charge €10
Total Campaign Costs €26

Buy in Bulk, and Save.

Large and small senders alike can benefit from buying credits in bulk - with savings up to 50%. We'll put your credits on your account to use as you wish… and don't worry. They never expire.

Each campaign costs 500 credits to deliver and a single credit for each email address that you send to.

Pay Your Way

We're local. And we're not snowed under with too many customers. That's what allows us to allow you to pay any way you like. If paying by credit card is fidgety for your business - using personal cards, tracking expenses etc. - just let us know. We can invoice for subscriptions of credit purchases and you can raise a payment by check, transfer or even Paypal.

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