Manage and Grow your Subscribers

The bigger the list - the bigger the return. handles all the heavy lifting of managing your subscribers… so you can focus on growing them.

Your account can have multiple lists, custom fields for segmenting (customer, prospect, old customer) and connect directly to the subcribe form on your website. No more email notifications of new subscribers that have to be added manually.

No matter how often you send or pay – your account will always be at work for you – collecting new subscribers and crucially, ensuring your unsubscribes stay unsubscribed.

Import your lists

Importing your contacts couldn’t be easier. Copy and paste or use the drag and drop importing from CVS or Excel files to get your contacts and details into your account. The system will even clean your list by removing any duplicates. Each subscriber will only be added once.

Manage Unsubscribes

In the old days, managing unsubscribes was a manual task and a process prone to breakage. ensures that when your subscriber clicks your unsubscribe link, that they are removed from your list immediately. The clever bit is the suppression list. This is a list of all your unsubscribes which the system checks to ensure you don’t accidentally add someone again.

Building a List

Add a subscribe form to your website which will collect the data and store it directly to your web-subs list on; capture email addresses from your Facebook subscibers; get opt-ins from enquiry forms and competition entries – all added directly to your account.

We’ve got oodles of ideas to help you increase your subscriber base… it’s a key part of how we help our customers get the most from email marketing.

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